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Attract new website visitors

Grow newsletter list

Decrease bounce rate

Decrease ad blocking

For Free

Attract & Engage Website Visitors

Every time someone downloads from your website, they share your website on Facebook or Twitter. This attracts new website visitors and engages existing website visitors, who come back to your website regularly to get downloads.

Grow Newsletter

Every time someone downloads from your website, they opt-in for your email newsletter.

(Optional) Decrease Ad Blocking

People that block ads are shown a (customizable) message asking them to unblock ads if they want the download.

(Optional) Decrease Bounce Rate

We combine Azadify Engage with Azadify Bounce Catcher (another free tool we offer you) to "catch" people who are about to leave and convince them to continue surfing your website

Increase Revenue

Each download generates minimum three pageviews for you. Each pageview includes your money-making ads or ecommerce offers. More pageviews = more money making. We promise the Azadify Engage page on your website will be among the highest viewed pages on your website, on a daily basis.

Native Content

We integrate directly into your website -- users never leave your website (except to check their email).

Mobile Love

Our platform works perfectly on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc., so it does not matter what device your visitors surf on.

Fully Responsive

Our code is responsive with your responsive website -- and it still works with fixed themes sites, you Luddite.

Yes, It's Free

Make sure to write the check to... psych! Azadify Engage is completely free. Free-er than free bacon.

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