What Is It

Please contain your excitement.

Azadify Engage is a unique and innovative way to add significant value to your website -- we help you attract new website visitors and engage existing website visitors, all while decreasing bounce rate, increasing pageviews, and decreasing ad blocking. The best part? Our service is completely free, it takes less than five minutes to get setup (once your account is approved), and we are not an ad network.

What Is Azadify Engage?

At Azadify Engage, we leverage the power of unique native giveaways:

  • We negotiate with companies to offer their paid software for free (i.e. giveaways of paid software). When you join Azadify Engage, you provide these exclusive giveaways to your website visitors, natively (i.e. your website visitors get the giveaways directly from you, from your website). We regularly change the giveaways, so you always get fresh native giveaways -- without spending a cent.

Our platform helps grow your website:

  • To get these giveaways, your website visitors must provide their email address and share your website on Facebook or Twitter.
  • You have the option to ask (or force) people to unblock ads on your website.
  • You have the option to use our Azadify Bounce Catcher, which utilizes Azadify Engage to decrease your website's bounce rate.

See our live demo to get a better understanding of what Azadify Engage is.

The best part is, aside from initial setup and integration (which takes less than five minutes and is as easy as inserting a script in a dedicated page on your website), you do not need to do anything. Indeed, we handle everything, including automatically updating / changing the giveaway offer on your page and answering support requests.

How much does it cost?

$0. (Seriously.)

...There must be a catch

No. Yes. Maybe?

The "catch" is we have the following requirements:

  • You must own or operate a website. Duh.
  • Currently, we target websites that have a majority of traffic from desktops and laptops. This is because we feature giveaway offers of Windows software / apps. We do plan on expanding to Mac, Android, iPhone / iPad, etc. in the near future and will open up to helping you get mobile users soon, too.
  • We do not place ads on your website and you do not share your ad revenue with us. However, we may show ads in the email that is sent to users after they complete the giveaway download process on your website.
  • You must include a link in your main navigation menu to the page on your website where you integrate Azadify Engage. This is not a link to our website. This is a link to your website.

I hate mangoes

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